Admission Criteria

Criteria for Acceptable Admission

  • Appropriate for Level I or II.1 on the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria scale as determined by Therapist assessment. All other levels will be referred.
  • Demonstrate a primary diagnosis of addiction to alcohol, drugs, or prescription drugs. 
  • Applicants with moderate/high risk mental health conditions and/or medication needs must have proof of another primary care physician or mental health professional who will manage those needs.
  • Have proof of ability to pay for services rendered.
  • Minimal level of English literacy, computer literacy and technology skills.
  • Have access to an internet connection in a private area.

Reasons for Denial of Access or Termination of Services

(Factors precluding admission include, but are not limited to the following)

  • Medical, Mental of Developmental Disability precluding full program participation
  • Suicide intention plan or reoccurring self-harming behaviors
  • Inability to accept clinical recommendations, adhere to program rules
  • Non-attendance 
  • Verbally, physically or sexually abusive behavior toward others
  • Threatening, assaultive or intimidating behavior toward others
  • Excessively disruptive behavior in Group Sessions
  • Toxicity or withdrawal effects from mood altering substances
  • Recent history or present legal issues due to violent criminal behavior
  • Lack of cognitive ability necessary to benefit from program
  • Grossly impaired impulse control
  • Non-payment of fees per agreed terms